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Sheela(Tok) a small village in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Sheela is nearly about 55km from kotdwar, around 100km from Dehradun) and nearly around 250 km from Delhi. This place is in a perfect location for tourism purpose. Sheela(Tok) is located between the perfect views of hills and small rivers. The main advantage of this place is that it is crowd free area. This place is perfect for all seasons. The temperature lies between 5-10 degrees in winters and 22-32 in summers.

Why is Different from other place??

Around 2 years ago, a local man from Sheela(Tok) Village decided to convert sheela into a tourist Place. Some of the Tourist have all came here and appreciates the hardwork of Mr Kunwar singh Rawat who is trying to convert a local village into a tourist place. As Because of its perfect location it is differ from others. This place is perfect for Bird watching, trekking, Fishing, activities like born fire, jungle safari. Here we can also see wild animals like tiger, leapord,marteen, jaguar, varieties of deers, so many varieties of birds, porcupines, bears and many other wild animals. We can enjoy here swimming along with fishing. This place is also awesome for those want to spend some of their precious time with nature, infact now a days mostly peoples want to go for a trip where they can enjoys some nature activities and can feel the beauty of nature. Mandlu a perfect location for nature lovers, birds watchers etc. Many of the bird watcher recommend this place as here you can find varieties of Indian birds.